The Best Fall Striper Run is Happening Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Johnny Luchka

During the fall run of Striped Bass off the New Jersey coast we see a myriad of baitfish cruise our local waters both off the surf and offshore up to the 3 mile limit which we are allowed to target Striped Bass. One of the most versatile lures we have deployed on both our trolling combos and spin cast combos is the Yo-Zuri High Speed Vibe!
We are able to troll this Vibe on both braid and wire with success and also when the fish are stacked up we can simply cast and let the Vibe sink into the strike zone before we retrieve. At almost 3 ounces in weight this is a great casting lure as you can stay off at a distance if you observe fish feeding on top. Predominate colors we deploy are Bunker and Chrome Sardine when Menhaden/Bunker and Herring are present and in murky or stained water we go with the Holographic Pink. Many fisherman use rubber shads but if toothy Bluefish are around it makes quick work of the body and lost fishing time if you have to make a replacement. The High Speed Vibes are resilient lures with through wire construction and 3X strong treble hooks.

If the weather is not conducive to run our Long Run Fishing Charters 30 foot Triton CC you will find us walking the surf and jetties as we also have a terrific surf bite as Bluefish and Stripers will chase baitfish right up to your feet at the surf line. But, when the fish are beyond casting distance with some lighter weight traditional lures the Vibe is a great casting lure when fished on a 9-10 foot surf rod. Allowing the Vibe to bump the sandy bottom will certainly capture the attention of a Striper on the prowl as this appears to portray an injured baitfish. When the bite is fast and furious all you need to do is cast into the fray and retrieve for success at the surf. So if you’re looking for a versatile lure for the boat, on the troll, or off the surf the High Speed Vibe should be in your arsenal.

Captain Johnny Luchka
Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey