Striper Fishing at its Finest with the Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser


This is Capt. Johnny Luchka of Long Run Fishing Charters out of Pt. Pleasant Beach NJ and when I am not on the boat running charters you’ll find me walking the central New Jersey Coastline in search of Striped Bass and Bluefish. During the fall months starting in October we’ll see the back bays empty a myriad of baitfish like peanut bunker and mullet into the ocean where they will be met up with adult bunker and this spells the perfect storm for a beach blitz.


I like to walk the beach with a 9-10 foot surf rod loaded with 30 pound braid, tied to 40 pound Top Knot Yo-zuri Fluorocarbon leader, to a fast clip with a 3 ounce Yo-Zuri Holographic Blue Surface Cruiser. When walking the open beach with no noticeable life, I use this as more of a search bait with a high arcing cast to create a big splash and I will work it in a slow walk the dog style cadence to keep it in the surf line longer. When bait fish are being blasted out of the water by Stripers, I will cast in the direction just in front of the melee and work the retrieve to create the most deliberate splash by fast twitching my rod tip while taking line. This imparts some incredible action on the lure.


The (pearl yellow pink) is a great color on overcast days and the newly designed Surface Cruiser with through wire construction is more than durable to tangle with Bluefish too in excess of 10-15 pounds. I always have at least three lures with me as it is always good to have a few backups and one to share with a friend. The key to the surface cruiser is to work it in many types of surf conditions so you can see how to impart action and build confidence when using it.
Capt. Johnny Luchka